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Ok, so I’m sitting in bed with my new laptop (acer 5535, absolutely love it) doing my normal routine of reading the most up to date blogs on the interwebs and I’ve ran across some post’s that you all might be interested in.

First Up: Greg Sandow has released his Top 10 Changes in Classical Music on his blog. I’m a huge fan of this blog…Sandow has some really great insight on the classical music scene and some really neat thoughts about where we are headed (including how the concert hall may be changing as we know it).

After the read I encourage you all to check the comments, there is a small discussion about how improvisation is making a revival in the classical music scene…my response to a poster:

that’s a fair argument but it’s really becoming a lost art in classical music…and i think it has a lot to do with music education. in the schools the kids are not to play around with melody X or Y when they are being taught to play an instrument. They are taught to play the notes on the page through their instrument. I think that’s limited creativity in some aspects, and (if “revived”) it has the potential to bring the excitement of live jazz back to the classical stage.

…still think to do that it’s going to take the music educators to step up.

Next up is a blog that I browse pretty infrequently, but today there is a great post up about connecting with the audience AFTER the music is over; entitled “Can we Talk?” It’s a great read about what some symphonies are doing to engage the with the musicians.

No comments on this one yet.

That’s all for right now. Just thought I should dump these on you guys for the morning. If I see anything else interesting, I’ll post up. Next on the agenda: Meeting with some good friends (a bright conductor being one of them) for some Indian food. Pictures may be available? yummm

The Columbus Choral Union

Ok, time for a little propaganda. The CSU Choral Union will be starting soon for the next semester and I want to encourage EVERYBODY who has any interest in the master-works of symphonic choral singing to come and participate with us. It’s a great experience for any musician to see the music from another perspective, and for those who do not consider themselves musicians: it’s a great way to meet people in the Columbus area who have a genuine passion for music.

Sound interesting and want some more info?

The CSU Choral Union is an open community choir that combines with the Schwob School of Music’s vocal department, and other students, to preform some of the most musically difficult and gratifying pieces in the repertoire. Recently the group has preformed Mendelson’s Elijah, Stravinsky’s (lesser known ballet) Les Noces, Brahms Ein Deutsches Requiem (The German Requiem), Chichester Psalmsby Leonard Bernstein, and selections from Handel’s Messiah. The choir is also active in preforming new music such as Christopher Theofanidis’s The Here and Now; which was premiered by the group with the CSU Wind Ensemble, directed by Robert Rumbelow.

The Union is directed by Constantina Tsolainou who is hearld as one of the “greatest choral conductors of our generation,” and a pure delight to work with. You can read her full bio here: and here:

We meet on Tuesday nights at the Schwob School of Music (we’re a pretty loud bunch, you’ll be able to find us) from 7:30-9:30ish.

Still a little timid and have some doubts? No worries, here are some general “questions” and answers.

Q- I cant read music, or sing.

A- While it will help you to be able to read music, that can be learned. And at the Union there is a philosophy that anybody can sing, it just takes “finding your voice.”

Q- Are the rehearsal’s hard?

A- The music is demanding, however if you come wanting to spend some quality time with 140 (give or take a few) of your closest friends, learning about some of the greatest works of art ever produced…they seem to fly by.

Q- If there are 140 of you, you wont need me.    (this is my personal favorite)

A- Wrong! Generally, the more people in a symphonic choir the better. Afterall, we are trying to sing over a full orchestra. But seriously, we love to see new faces and would love for you to join us.

Q- Why should I join a chorus?

A- Check out the video for some really cool statistics.

Q- You seem like a cult. That’s kinda strange.

A- Ouch, you got us.  

But seriously, if you have any reservations about joining us, please come by at least TWICE to see what we’re all about. The mantra is usually try it at least once, but what if that one time doesnt give you a full look at what we do? Rumor has it that the Durufle` Requiem is on tap for this semester….it should be a fun one.

CD cover of Durufle Requiem

Welcome Curious Ones

Welcome to my (the curious reader’s) blog. On this blog you will see a little bit of everything; however if you specifically want to know the random musings, thoughts, and reactions of a current music major…then welcome home. Before we begin the festivities, there are a few things I’d like to go over.

  1. The Reader is not interested in the critique of any amature, or aspiring musicians. Nor will TCR comment on any college professors, or classes in a way that could produce negative karma. If you want to check out what people think about a professor or class check out
  2. The Reader encourages discussion, however he ask’s that everybody uses common sense and realizes that there are actual people on the other side of the screen. Rule of thumb: if you wouldnt say it to their face, then this is not the place.
  3. The Reader also ask’s that all other curious readers not allow any spelling or grammar mistakes to annoy them. TCR can be slightly lazy and doesnt view a “blog” as a professional publication…more as a place for light hearted commentary on daily life.

So who is the The Curious Reader? TCR has chosen to remain anonamyous for the moment: but he will gladly confess that is a music student at the Schwob School of Music at Columbus State University in Columbus GA; was an avid paintball player who and is now an avid by-stander of the paintball scene; is a huge USC fan; and is incredibly interested in the arts community.

outside of the SOM

So you can expect a good bit of information about what’s happening around that area. Also, TCR will primarily use this space as a place to post reactions and thoughts that he reads in other blogs. There might be some origional discussion threads started, but expect a lot of reaction post’s to things that I read in other blogs. Another thing I’d like to stress is: because TCR doesnt view his blog as a professional publication, he will only updated once every now and then unless there is something seriously interesting happening that inspires him to put up a quick blurb.

When thinking about the creation of this blog, I had to ask the question “why do it?” The first thing that came to mind was that I think that there needs to be some place where the Columbus area can keep up to date information on CSU/Schwob and the RiverCenter’s concerts, master classes, etc… and to promote the school, and it’s students a little. I love “The Schwob” and hope that this blog can be an easy access center for the latest updates for the Columbus area.

The second was a thought I have been musing over for some time that has to do with the prospective music major. I wish that there was a place that I could have gone to get connected with the rest of the school easily (other than facebook), and see what’s happening without having to traverse the school’s website. Granted, the website has recently had a great facelift and looks upteen times better than it did. But still, a suplemental resource that speaks in “my language” is always a nice addition.

So with out any more wait….here we go!